We pursue an innovative approach to help people sustainably and comprehensively on a positive life path.

It can happen to everyone

More than 800,000 people in Germany are victims of sexual assault, deprivation of liberty or criminal assault every year. Further more, the peer group of teenagers and adolescents has by far the largest victim risk. The Pisa-study of 2017 comes to the result that 15.7% of 15-year-old pupils are regularly bullied by peers.

The factors mentioned above as well as others often lead to a disturbed self-image and self-confidence which, in turn, can have a negative impact on the academic career and thus on the entire life. Consequently serious mental and physical damage can result.

However, this does not only apply to pupils: within the last twelve months, 22% of the German population suffered from a mental disorder. Mental illnesses take the fourth place (9.6%) within the reasons for occupational absences (an increase of 190% within the last ten years).

"Above all, be good!" - according to this motto, I want to accompany people on their journey through life and help them to discover their own abilities and to awaken the dormant potential in them. I have been running a martial arts school in Heidelberg for more than 10 years. In the past few years I have intensively studied the conditions for a safe and healthy life. The result is DOPDA. The point here is to combine the possibilities of martial arts with best practices in psychology and education, and design a program with unprecedented potential.

Dr. Björn Pospiech
Dr. Björn Pospiech

This is DOPDA

Denjenigen helfen, die es brauchen, unabhängig ob sie es sich leisten können!

Every individual faces at least one plight in his/her lifetime. Some master and over come it successfully, others do not.

With DOPDA we pursue a holistic concept to mentally and physically strengthen participants so they can deal better with challenges. We rely on experiential learning rather than just pure theory. Our program can be individually adapted to specific circumstances of target groups and their social and psychosocial requirements.


Darstellung einer Kursteilnehmerin (16 J.) ihrer Unterstützer.

Presentation of a student (16 y.), showing her supporters.

Combining knowledge of modern sciences such as psychology, pedagogy, and health sciences in conjunction with ancient Asian movement arts formulates the foundation of this program. This foundation conveys a fundamental message that gives impulses and sets the basis for selfassurance and self-determination.

Methods, knowledge and skills at the levels of body, psyche and social environment, which are mediated within the program are supposed to set a foundation for a new attitude to life.

The participants become physically, mentally and socially strong and find a new, more positive attitude towards life.

"As you think, so shall you become.“"

Bruce Lee

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Our offers for companies and their employees.
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DOPDA combines modern techniques from psychology, pedagogy and health sciences with ancient Asian movement arts. We offer to help people of all ages face the every day challenges.

Literally translated from Korean, DOPDA means "help / support". This reflects the core of our program.

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DOPDA is a program of the non-profit Pranado gGmbH


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